Over ten years ago, I worked part-time for a fabricator while going to school for welding technology. I learned how to repair heavy equipment, fabricate wrought iron railings, and put steel in the air - one story at a time. I remember the first time hearing the “clang” of spud wrenches overhead. I watched as the guys balanced stories above, walking on skinny beams, signaling the crane, and swinging iron like weathervanes. They would drive hours from home to these jobs - showing up with their truck, welding machine, and toolbelt - like a cowboy with his horse and saddle. At that exact moment, I felt more at home than ever.

In short time, I tucked some serious experience (and hours) under my belt with a larger construction company. I was soon pushing my own crews, and taking on major projects all over New England. What I wanted was not only to grow my own skillset, but become a leader that my team respected and believed in. This became my primary objective, and as I paid my dues, I climbed the ladder of journeyman, foreman, and ultimately, director of all field operations. Through the reciprocal support of my crew, I had succeeded and surpassed everyone’s expectations (including my own) in rapid time.

Fast forward to 2018, and not much has changed. Sparks are still flying, wrenches are still clanging, and I’m now that cowboy. I decided early in the year to leave the security of a very promising career with the construction company to see if I could float in the rough seas of this industry on my own.

Ironically, I wasn’t on my own at all, and I did all but sink. With the help of the guys I’d spent most of my days wrestling steel with, RMS Iron has continued to grow exponentially in short time. “I” quickly returned to “We”; and we ironworkers are fierce, loyal, pack animals; the wolves of our industry.

Our team’s shared passion for superior safety, quality, and customer satisfaction is what pushes us to offer the best welding, fabrication, and steel erection services in northern New England. We hope to see you on site soon.

-Ryan Surette, Owner