Who we are


Maybe you’ve seen us on site, our rigs on the road, or maybe you’ve just heard the name. Regardless, you’ve heard of us; and you’re here for a reason.

We get it. You’re wondering what sets us apart from “the other guys”. Truth is, the other guys are good. REAL good.

The difference is, even REAL good isn’t good enough for us. Real good may beat schedule, but often drags on the punchlist. Real good may get the job done; check all the boxes. We want more than that. Not just for our customers, but for our trade, our generation, and the generations to come.

Our goal when completing a task is not just to “get it done” or beat schedule. It certainly isn’t about the bottom line. When our work is seen today, or remembered tomorrow, no one will be asking how may minutes or dollars were saved in the process. They’ll see the investment we put into the final product, and know we stand for something more.

Don’t believe it? Check out our work, and see what our clients have to say.

Our team’s shared passion for superior safety, quality, and customer satisfaction is what pushes us to offer the best welding, fabrication, and steel erection services in northern New England. We hope to see you on site soon.

-Ryan Surette, Owner