For over ten years, we have constantly developed our skills in a variety of fields among the welding industry. Structural moment connections on multi-story buildings, aluminum handrails for wastewater treatment plants, stainless steel chambers for the semi-conductor industry - the excitement of a new challenge is the beating heart of RMS Iron.



Design & Engineering

Throw the rough ideas our way, and let us handle the rest. We offer a wide array of design services including:  

  • Professionally drafted blueprints

  • P.E. Stamps

  • Engineering & Load calculations



Heavy Equipment Repair

  • Shank Removal & Replace

  • Hardfacing

  • Wear Plates

  • Cutting edges

  • Crack Repair


What our shop lacks in physical area, we make up for in quality and integrity. RMS Iron offers fabrication services ranging from light structural steel to miscellaneous metals, and everything in between.



Steel and Precast Erection

Bringing a new level of quality and safety to an industry known to go without. Ironworkers at heart, we love to see that crane swinging and hear the clanking of spud wrenches on the iron. Let us top off your next multi-story with old glory and our very own spruce tree!

Topping off EVENTS

Invite your management team, investors, family, friends, or the mayor! Join us in celebrating a safe and successful steel erection project by signing the last beam installed on our last day of connecting. Learn about the pride and history behind the century-old tradition of the spruce tree while we cook the burgers!



Crane & Rigging 

OSHA CFR 1926 subpart CC/R certified riggers and signalmen. Communication and safety are the granite foundation of our rigging practices. Whether setting structural steel, rooftop HVAC units, or you simply need a more experienced team to assist with your crane operations; RMS Iron has you covered.